AI and Jewish Story

“Did I request thee, Maker, from my clayTo mould me man? Did I solicit theeFrom darkness to promote me?”-John Milton,…

Ibn Ezra: Life Blood (Acharei Mot)

In discussing the proper ritual of animal sacrifice, the Torah emphasizes one should not consume blood, because blood is life. Ibn Ezra offers an image.

Ibn Ezra: Support (Tazria)

In Parshat Tazria, we explore grammar-inspired word play. It is better than studying leprosy, trust me. And maybe, it has a profound significance to ponder.

Ibn Ezra: Nefesh (Vayikra)

Twice in the opening chapters of Leviticus, the text refers to a human being as a nefesh. Ibn Ezra brings out different nuances of what it means.