Israel on My Mind

In a few days I will be in Chicago, staying at McDonald’s Headquarters for the third and final conference of my iCenter fellowship. The iCenter for Israel Education is (self-evidently) an organization that exists to support research into and resources for Israel education.

Students who are earning their masters degree in Jewish education at various institutions may apply to become iCenter fellows, which entails three conferences in Chicago over the course of a year. Additionally, every fellow is expected to create a final project that contributes to the research and/or resources of the growing field of Israel education. I have found that being an iCenter fellow has connected me to some wonderful and thoughtful young educators, and has helped me think intentionally about the role of Israel in Jewish education.

Stay tuned to hear more about my final conference, as well as my final project. In the meantime, check out my contribution to my friend and classmate Dusty Klass’s final project – a blog featuring many insights and stories about Israel from a variety of people.

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